Sharp 2T-C40BG3KG2FB Review

What a beauty, the full HD Smart 2T-C40BG3KG2FB brings TV to life with stunning clarity and vibrant colors. Sharps’ new Ace Pro picture engine, matched to the superb Harmon Kardon sound technology, ensures that this smart TV can completely immerse you in its contents. Connecting multiple devices is fast and easy, thanks to a wide range of inputs such as 3 x HDMI, SCART, USB, and more. The built-in Freeview HD tuner gives you access to over 70 subscription-free entertainment channels, including 15 channels of spectacular HD quality, or you can record them later by clicking a button using the USB Record feature.


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Connectivity: HDMI; USB; Ethernet; Wireless

Display Resolution: 1080p Full HD pixels

Display Size: 40 in

Display Technology: LED LCD

Tuner Technology: Digital


  • Due to its Sharp LED features, it can be connected to a set of devices using 3 x HDMI, SCART, 2 x USB, and Digital Optical Audio ports. It can be used on a tabletop/stand / TV or wall-mounted unit.
  • With Sharp’s Smart capability, you can access a range of apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer, directly on your TV. Share your screen with your smart device using Miracast.
  • Freeview Play is live and available on-demand. You can watch your TV guide catch up and stay at the top of the last seven days of viewing, so all your favorite shows are available when you want them.
  • Compact unit with a variety of features, such as DTS TruSurround, Freeview HD, and PVR recording, 2T-C40BG3KG2FB is ideal for kitchen and lounge use
  • Also, the slim, lightweight design is ideal for wall mounting and comes with an easy fitting stand. The built-in Freeview HD means fewer wires and fewer boxes.


  • The stand at the bottom required is to buy a new unit to sit on. This would have been avoided by a central template.
  • Switching from Netflix to apps such as Prime would allow you to go back to your home or TV output for the Apps button to function. It’s just a minor inconvenience.
  • Apps can lag a bit at times even though their hardwired, USB sockets are too close together, so I’d prefer a center stand.
  • Feet is a bit of a burden to be connected to, but if you place it on the wall, it’s not going to be a lot of a problem. Apart from that, I can’t really make the TV do exactly what I want it to do.


Perfect for any room, this TV can be wall-mounted to save space or placed on your TV with an easy fitting stand. Also, finished in black with matching remote control, this 40-inch TV offers both style and entertainment.


Check out the latest price for the Sharp 2T-C40BG3KG2FB