Samsung TU8000 Review


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Experience your favorite movies and shows on a vibrant, stunning 4K UHD screen, using the Universal Guide to surf smoothly and select content. Everything you watch is automatically up-scaled into 4K for stunningly vivid color and detail. 


Screen size: 55 inches

Dimension: 122.93×78.23×25.15 cm

Screen resolution: 3840×2160 pixels

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, LAN


  • Crystal Processor 4K: Picture quality to move you, made possible by a single chip that orchestrates color, optimizes high contrast ratio, and masters HDR.
  • It comes with an effortless minimalistic style from every angle and a boundless that sets new standards. You will see only our most immersive cinematic experience ever.
  • When you project your favorite photos onto the TV screen, the TV itself blends into your décor elegantly. You can layout multiple images in a beautiful collage or place them in a slide show to keep the visual fresh and on-point.
  • Universal Guide provides a list of curated content from broadcast and streaming channels, personalized just for you. Easily find your favorite content, all in one place.
  • You can keep all your TV cables tidy by hiding them in the stand so you can fully enjoy your TV content without the clutter.
  • Get into the game faster with Auto Game Mode, which automatically optimizes the screen and minimizes input lag, giving you more control. Enjoy a smooth gaming experience without motion blur and judder.


  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • It doesn’t get very bright.
  • Fails to display a wide color gamut.


The Samsung TU8000 is a decent TV for most uses. With its outstanding contrast ratio and remarkable black uniformity, dark scenes in movies look great, but unfortunately, it doesn’t support a wide color gamut for HDR movies. The viewing angles are narrow, so it’s not ideal for watching your favorite TV show in a broad seating arrangement. However, it’s a good gaming TV due to its incredibly low input lag and reasonably quick response time.


Check out the latest price for the Samsung TU8000