Samsung The Frame 2.0 UE43LS03NAUXXU Review

This 43-inch TV is styled to give your home a unique design, even though you intend watching TV or not. It would be hard to take your eyes away from this TV owing largely to the fact that it a beauty to behold every moment. This TV replaces big black screens which give the home an awkward and dominating design. The Frame has an integrated art which gives your environment an upgrade, by showing pictures even though you are not watching TV.
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  • It has a screen size of 43 inches
  • The resolution is 4K Ultra HD in 2160p
  • It is a smart TV which can be mounted on the wall
  • It has a warranty of five years
  • It has a built-in WiFi
  • There are 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB ports
  • There is a Bluetooth available for wireless connectivity


  • This TV supports smart services such as YouTube, My5, Netflix, Amazon video, BBC iPlayer, Now TV, ITV Hub, Web browser
  • There are built-in speakers for enhanced sound
  • This TV is Ultra HD verified
  • It has a dynamic crystal color which gives great picture results
  • You have the luxury of selecting the mount layout and color which would fit your home
  • The screen burn warranty is for a period of 10 years
  • It is also USB recording enabled

What could only scare customers away, is the price which is a little bit on the high side.
With Frame 2.0, your viewing experience is enhanced, as you have the luxury of styling your room the way you want. The Frame 2.0 is intended for those who usually have issues of designing their room when there is a big screen in place.
Check out the latest price for the Samsung The Frame 2.0 UE43LS03NAUXXU