Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite SM-P615NZAABTU Review

In case you are having issues in carrying your laptop to everywhere Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is an incredible option as being lighter in weight and an S pen that make things easier to handle. The processor and screen will assist to keep in touch or entertained. It is wonderful for taking and delivering lectures. Here are some listed benefits and downsides of this product to compare before buying a product in order to make your money worth spending.


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Processor: 2.3 GHz, 1.7 GHz

Size: 10.4”

Camera resolution: 8.0MP

Memory: 4GB


  • The S Pen that comes with this Tab gives the bundles of freedom in your hand. It has an incredible grip. It has ability to go through with everything from drawing to editing any document. To prevent losing the pen, it as magnetic attachment inside its cover case.
  • The large screen of this tablet and having thin bezel create a bigger picture. It large but compact and is perfect to go anywhere and to keep our life moving on.
  • To wrap the tab, there is a sleek case that is easy to handle and also stylish. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 covers around it and folds the tablet with the magnetic clip. And the compartment for S pen in the cover case is what makes the case unique.


This tab only includes the Wi-Fi venison, LTE version is not available in this tab yet. Moreover, this tab does not include the headphones jack. So, it only allows Bluetooth audio or built in speakers to attach.


For students and teachers especially, who need to carry something around for their lectures, this Tab is easy to go around.


Check out the latest price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite SM-P615NZAABTU