Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T515NZKDBTU Review

This tablet is versatile and sophisticated and also with an affordable range of prices as the next generation fun is relating to very generation. This model is stylish and sturdy metal body and look beautiful when hold in hands. The display can deliver high resolution and pixels for the stunning colours reproduction and also offer optimal screen brightness levels. Following are some specification, benefits and downsides of this product.


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Processor: 1.8 GHz Octa core

Camera: 5 MP front, 8 MP rear



Battery: up to 12 hours


  • When it comes to keeping the children entertained as well as grow by learning through technology, this tablet is the best option to choose. It is equipped according to kid’s home which help them to explore their own world with fun. This tablet can afford a lot of educational base apps and content and also comes with the parental control
  • This device can connect with other devices in your home. The app known as smart things app can easily monitor and control other devices even third-party devices at distance from one screen in your hand
  • All person in home can connect to their Samsung account and can share unlimited number of pictures and data.
  • The battery timing is incredible so that you can have more power when you need it. Its battery life is for extended usage period so that you can enjoy long hours of work on your tablet.


It only comes in limited number of colours and mostly in some areas only in one colour. This product is expensive and not everyone can afford it. The thing is that it is more like a phone and less like a PC. So, tablet feels are less in this product.


Although every downside, no one can regret buying this tablet. Samsung always deliver high quality products so it is so ready to go with you.


Check out the latest price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T515NZKDBTU