Samsung C27F390FH (886T465) Review

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Curved 390 Series features Samsung’s curved panel technology to provide a more comfortable viewing experience and less eye fatigue during long work hours. 

A slim VA panel offers a wide viewing angle with dark blacks, vivid colours, and sharp details. The 27” curved screen is also perfect for dual or multi-monitor set-ups, with the combined curvature amplifying the viewing experience—all in an economical business monitor. 

Samsung’s C27F390FH is the ideal monitor for professionals who work long hours. The ultra-slim curved design means you can spend more time concentrating on your work rather than where you are.

Samsung C27F390FH (886T465) Monitor Specifications

  • Screen size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Ports: HDMI & VGA
  • Weight: 4.4 kg


  • The CF390 displays leverage Samsung’s flicker-free technology to prevent interruptions that can strain users’ eyes. 
  • A complimentary Eye Saver Mode setting further protects audiences from exposure to harmful blue light emissions. 
  • All three displays include embedded AMD FreeSync technology over HDMI functionality that synchronizes screen refresh rates with users’ AMD graphics cards to reduce input latency, stutter, and lag.
  • Gamers and entertainment users would benefit when viewing interactive video content. 
  • To deliver a more uniform presentation, Samsung’s CF390 monitors offer a wide 178-degree viewing angle. 
  • Samsung’s CF390 curved monitors feature a boundless, thin-bezel design that eliminates viewing borders and draws audiences into a distraction-free environment. 
  • This sophisticated limitless design facilitates the illusion that on-screen content is floating in mid-air and fosters a more immersive and captivating presentation. 
  • Samsung’s monitors are built to be both practical and attractive, making them a compatible addition to any desktop or home entertainment setting. 
  • Flexible connectivity empowers your employees to meet business demands. 
  • The HDMI port works for high-speed connections, while the VGA port works for legacy/analogue applications.
  • AMD Free Sync, a 4ms response time, and Game Mode allow for an optimized video experience for demanding applications.
  • Experience the new standard in monitor design. At just 3.7” deep, the super-slim panel is complemented by a black high gloss cabinet for an elegant and modern look. 
  • Since the monitor is VESA compatible, installation on a wall or separate mounting arm is easy.


  • It is expensive
  • The brightness level could use an upgrade.

Unhappy customers are not satisfied with this product because it does not have a screen protector to prevent the outer part of the device from scratching.

Whether the customer has always been careful or not, they are displeased that there was no warning about this to prevent unnecessary damage before purchase.

Other unhappy customers report that there was nothing to keep them informed that the monitor would be updated without any notice, leaving their files in an unusable format.

If they had known, they could have made proper arrangements for their use of the product. They feel their time is wasted and cannot trust Samsung after such carelessness in their actions.


Any drawbacks to such a valuable and efficient tool as this monitor would be minor at best. The most important thing is that users are satisfied with their product and feel that they have received good value for the money they spent on it. 

It offers a bright display, excellent connectivity options, and an innovative design—all in one economical business solution.

The best part of owning a Samsung curved monitor is the competitive price. The C27F390FH (886T465) is one of the leading models because it has high-definition features and other useful tools for enhanced worker productivity.

This monitor really does make a difference to your performance while you work! Its plug-and-play VESA compatibility for simple installation on any wall mount or separate arm makes life easier.

It offers optimized video that helps lessen eye strain, which can benefit employees by increasing their focus and attention span during long working sessions.

Check out the latest price for the Samsung C27F390FH (886T465)