Roborock S5 Max Black A-019 Review

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Developed to be completely autonomous, it is designed to allow effective and efficient cleaning by itself. To do this, it has a laser distance meter LDS with a 360 º scanner that checks everything that happens around it.

Roborock S5 Max A-019 has a high-capacity processor, and, together with its lower sensors, you can carry out the  Roborock S5 Max Black – Robot Vacuum missions. And when your battery is running out, it will return to its base of charge without any problem.

This model has a huge battery, which gives you a longer cleaning time, so you are always ready. In addition to vacuuming and sweeping, this Roborock S5 Max Black – Robot Vacuum can also vacuum, thanks to its water tank and mop with a filter. Thanks to them, you can have a much cleaner floor, since the filter controls the amount of water in a much more efficient way.

Easy to recharge and replace the mop has a series of mops adapted to the model, which will leave you a much cleaner house. 


  • Dimension: 49.2×40.4×16 cm
  • Capacity: 0.29 liters + 0.48 liters
  • Weight: 6.14 kg
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Suction: 2000 Pa


  • 2000 Pa suction power and 5200 mAh battery capacity: This vacuum gives 150 minutes of continuous operation, ideal for large houses and multiple rooms, low-pile carpets, hard floors, wooden floors, and all other types of floors.
  • The LDS navigation is an efficient and intelligent route planning which supports map and route planning, fall protection, protection against getting stuck, self-charging, thorough cleaning of your house with high efficiency.
  • The automatic carpet mode: detects carpets and switches to maximum suction power to suck the dirt out of every fiber, ideal for families with pets and children.
  • You can use the Mi Home app for cleaning route display and map storage, scheduling, cleaning zones, and stain removal.


  • Mopping can be lackluster
  • Lacks spare filters


The Roborock S5 Max offers maximum performance, maximum intelligence, and full capabilities without maximizing the price. It’s yet more proof that you don’t have to spend the earth to get a great product.

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