RCA RB32H1-UK Review

In a bid to create a television set that is affordable yet state of the art, the RCA RB32H1 was produced. It is an answer to the desires of any who is of average means but still desires a bit of luxury and the pleasures that comes with it. This TV comes in an appearance that gives a facelift to any area it is placed. Users can choose to either hang the TV or place it down. To cap it all this TV is produced by top electronics professional whose name is synonymous with excellence and intelligence-RCA.   


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Screen size: 32”

Screen resolution: LED 1366×768 pixels (HD-Ready)

Dimensions: 42.5cm×72.5cm×15cm

HDR formats: N/A

Reception: DVB-T2 (cable), DVB-S2 (cable), DVB-S2 (satellite), Cl+, Analog

Connectivity: one USB port, three HDMI ports


  • This TV comes with energy efficiency class A which ensures the most minimal power consumption capability as possible. Users can trust the TV not to cause power surges because of its low power consumption.
  • With the presence of Triple Tuner users are able to receive both analog and digital signals on the television. This makes it possible for users to be entertained by both old and modern technologies.
  • The connectivity options enable the TV connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This makes it possible for users to shuffle different options and select any at a time. The presence of the USB port allows the user play songs, audio recordings and videos from the USB drive. Users can select what song or file to play from using the remote control. The USB drive can also be used to give power to an external device or used to charge phones or power banks.
  • The presence of the scart socket is an advantage to using this RCA TV. It is suitable for DVD players.


  • It is not a smart TV. It can’t access the internet.
  • It doesn’t possess HDR technology.


It is rare to find a durable, attractive, lower power consumption capability and a decent price in a device. However, the RCA RB32H possesses all these qualities. It is definitely a TV of choice.


Check out the latest price for the RCA RB32H1-UK