Philips 65OLED754/12 Review

The Philips 65OLED754 comes with a relatively simple design and form factor if we compare it to different Philips OLED TVs. However, this isn’t a negative. The mix of a screen in an elegantly thin casing that sits low on a couple of ultra-low-profile silver legs makes one of the most pleasing entertainment systems. Manufacture quality is superb as well. Particularly since it comes with a similar brushed metal backplate as the other models that are present in the same generation of televisions. Additionally, the 65OLED754 comes equipped with the Philips’ Ambilight technology. This uses back mounted LEDs to cast hued light onto the divider behind the TV. You can either physically set the Ambilight shading to one that suits your style or tastes, or you can have it track the nearby shading substance of the picture being played – which it does with high precision and accuracy.


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  • Screen size: 65: inches
  • 4K resolution
  • Saphi smart system
  • Three-sided Ambilight technology
  • P5 picture processor


  • Feasibly priced for all the features it offers.
  • A seamless and elegant form factor and design.
  • Offers adaptable and excellent video processing.


  • The operating system may get buggy at times, causing a lag in the performance.
  • It generates noise when playing video from specific platforms.
  • The menus and user-interface are often too convoluted to seamlessly operate and manage.


The picture quality offered by the Philips 65OLED754 is incredible for the price you are paying. And the design that comes with makes it one of the best options in this price range currently available on the market. Hence, if you can afford it, then this tv is a great bargain buy that can offer you with endless entertainment and pleasure. With the Philips 65OLED754, you not only get a 4k resolution television with the latest video processing abilities, but you are also getting a smart entertainment system that will offer the best domestic entertainment solutions.


Check out the latest price for the Philips 65OLED754/12