Panasonic TX-65HX800BZ Review

The Panasonic TX-65HX800BZ has a large display size. The 4K resolution further ensures that owners see images clearly. Together with features such as HDMI and other features, it ranks among the best smart TV you can get with a display size of 65 inches.


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  • Screen Size: 65.”
  • Panel Resolution: 3840 x 2160.
  • Connection: Wifi and Ethernet.
  • Display: 4K ULTRA HD LED.
  • Support: 4K HDMI.


  • The design is very slim, with a lightweight. Therefore, users can easily carry it and install in the preferred place.
  • It is very large, with a screen size of 65 inches. Together with the 4K Ultra HD display, users can easily see pictures on the screen without having issues related to light, e.g., blurriness. The high resolution also ensures better image rendering using the inbuilt billion of colors and shades.
  • It has the Dolby Vision/HDR10+, which adds an element of realness towards image rendering. Dolby Atmos will also improve users’ experience by providing a 3D sound effect during activities.
  • With the HCX processor, image rendering is further improved. Depending on the activities. Users can watch films on either through Blu Ray or by live streaming without having any issues.
  • There is a local dimming action that helps owners to change the contrast easily without issues.
  • It has both an ethernet and WIFI connection.
  • It supports HDMI connection, and together with the 4k Ultra HD display, users can enjoy gaming or streaming of movies.


  • It is fragile.
  • It has a high cost.


The Panasonic TX-65HX800BZ is large and combines quality with elegance to give users one of the best Smart TV in the market. This is the Smart TV for those looking for improved image rendering after taking into consideration the price.


Check out the latest price for the Panasonic TX-65HX800BZ