Panasonic TX-43G302B Review

Panasonic TX-43G302B provides superior picture quality due to excellent sharpness, 1080p full HD resolution, and brightness ratio. It is a perfect combination of cinematic video and audio display. As compared to ordinary HD TV, the pictures seem real and lifelike. The USB port allows the transfer of downloaded videos and digital media. You can connect external devices with twin SCART interface and HDMI input without cable swapping issue. Even you can also connect your oldest PC with Panasonic TX-43G302B through VGA input. It is completely a bespoke experience to connect media player with USB to play your favorite videos and pictures with background music.


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43 inches FHD wide-angle LED screen

2 HDMI inputs

1 USB port


Built-in Freeview HD


  • Panasonic TX-43G302B belongs to the energy efficiency class ‘’A++’’. It consumes 37-watt power supply during the working condition and less than 0.5-watt power is consumed during sleep/ suspended/ standby mode. 
  • Even in a full bright room, the colors are clear, sharp, and focused due to 300 brightness panel integrated into it. The screen resolution of 1920×1080 fully enhances the pixels on the screen.
  • NICAM stereo sound system provides crystal-clear sound and transparent dialogues.
  • You can enjoy fast action-movies or sports with smooth motion because the real motion rate is 200Hz. It is sufficient to enjoy swift and clear videos.
  • The VESA dimensions of 200 x 200 without brackets make Panasonic TX-43G302B easy to mount on the walls of your room.


Some backlight niggles appear in Panasonic TX-43G302B.


Panasonic TX-43G302B is perfect to place in your small rooms because it is easy to mount on walls and occupy less space. You do not have to subscribe to HD channels because you can enjoy 15 HD Freeview channels and many other regular channels. 


Check out the latest price for the Panasonic TX-43G302B