OPPO A5 CPH1931 Review


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The Waterdrop area decreased by 31.4 percent compared to the previous generation. At night or in a dim environment, the 48MP Quadcamera photosensitive component will use a 4-in-1 aggregation technology that combines four pixels into one. This feature expands every photosensitive area’s size and improves the photosensitive capability—the result pictures with better texture and more detail. During the day, when there is sufficient light, photos will appear more apparent, more detailed, and greater depth—5000mAH Bigger battery and better battery life for more enjoyment.


Processor: Snapdragon 665

Memory: 3GB/4GB

Storage: 64GB/128GB

Operating system: Android 9


  • Record every moment with perfect clarity using Video Stability. By combining EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) with intelligent technology and an internal gyroscope, OPPO A5 2020 provides shake-free filming even if you are walking, running, or riding a vehicle.
  • OPPO A5 HDR + multi-frame technology means even night scenes get lit. Because people are processed separately from their environment, faces appear bright and detailed, while background light flare is greatly diminished. Ultra Night Mode 2.0 even works while taking Ultra Wide angel photos.
  • Working in tandem with OPPO A5 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 665 provides faster performances while simultaneously lowering power consumption by 20%. Nowhere is this more evident than with Game Boost 2.0. It combines Frame Boost and Touch Boost for smoother and more responsive gaming.
  • OPPO A5 comes equipped with either 32GB or 64GB ROM. It also supports up to 256GB of additional memory into the three-card slot (Dual SIM + MicroSD) for tons of extra storage.
  • The crown jewel of OPPO A5 larger content display is a Nano-Waterdrop Notch, 31.4% smaller than before. And because of dynamic pixel adjustment, you can read what is on your screen even under strong sunlight. Plus, OPPO A5 2020 filters out harmful blue light to prevent eye fatigue, protect your vision, and even help you fall asleep faster.


  • It doesn’t come with a slow-motion feature
  • It is expensive.


The OPPO A5 is a sleek phone with ample storage capacity and comes to answer your demands. It is, however, expensive. 


Check out the latest price for the OPPO A5 CPH1931