Oneplus 7T HD1900 Review

Oneplus 7T HD1900 is a unique smartphone that comes with fluid display and a responsive 90 Hz refresh rate. It is designed with the latest HDR10+ technology. Smooth and immersive display with its triple camera.

With this camera, one is expected to experience an amazing image, whether in the day or night. It gives stunning clarity, versatility, and accurate color reproduction. It comes with a fast warp charge that gets a 70 percent charge in less than 30 minutes.


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GPU: Adreno 640

Memory: 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM

Fingerprint: In-screen

Screen Type: AMOLED

Camera Function: HDR, PDAF, OIS, EIS

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus Octa Core up to 2.96GHz


1. The Oneplus 7T HD1900 smartphone comes with one of the fastest warp charges ever as it allows one to get the phone fully charged in less than r0 minutes.

2. The smartphone comes with a fluid display screen that is 90 Hz responsive refresh rate with the latest HDR10+ technology

3. The device comes with a unique design, creating a seamless and fluid experience.

4. The phone is durable, solid but surprisingly lightweight and portable

5. The triple camera allows one the opportunity to capture any image seamlessly while on the go.

6. The OnePlus 7T triple camera is designed to give the user an accurate color reproduction, stunning clarity, near life image and an exceptional versatility

7. OxygenOS helps to enhance the Android with powerful optimizations and sophisticated designs that are refined and fast


1. Camera bump

2. The phone does not come with a headset jack

3. Less capacity and battery life

4. It misses details most times and messes up with colors

Final Verdicts

The phone is an improvement of the previous version in terms of fast charging as it is with all OnePlus products. The manufacturer needs to improve on its battery life capacity as the battery drains quickly if used at 90Hz. In all, the phone is a good buy for gamers, geek, and lovers of excellent images.


Check out the latest price for the Oneplus 7T HD1900