Nokia 105 Dual-Sim 16KIGB01A08 Review

The Nokia 105 Dual-Sim 16KIGB01A08 might not be able to deliver in terms of top-class entertainment. However, it offers itself as one on the best supporting cell phone. It has dual sim, which removes the hassles of changing sims, and it majorly has no issue related to the network signals.


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  • Screen Size: 1.77.”
  • Resolution: 120 x 160.
  • Memory: 4mb.
  • Connectivity: 2G.
  • Sim Type: Dual Sim.


  • The device has little to no weight at all. With this, it can act as a substitute phone for calling and messaging others without interference.
  • The display is unique, and it features a TFT type that supports 65k colors.
  • The network supported is 2G, but detecting a strong network is very easy. When other devices such as a smartphone cannot find a signal, it will be able to find the signal very easily. Therefore, users can use it without fear of signal going haywire.  
  • It is very durable. It can fall many times without users experiencing problems. When wrapped with the right phone case, it can last as much as the owner wants.
  • The battery life is very long. Even though it is 800mAh, it can last very long. The reason for this is the function it performs. Since there are not many interesting games, the device is only open more for calling and messaging.
  • It comes with a dual sim capability. Therefore, users do not have to change SIMs to make calls or message other people. 


  • The device is only useful as a supporting phone. In the present world it does not have the necessary attributes to keep people entertained.


Nokia products are very strong, and the Nokia 105 Dual-Sim 16KIGB01A08 is no exception. It is a very good phone to have as a backup to your smartphone due to its durability and strong battery life. Most people with luxurious phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi always have this kind of phone with them. It also does not cost much.


Check out the latest price for the Nokia 105 Dual-Sim 16KIGB01A08