New Apple MacBook Pro Review

If you have some extra pounds to spend, go for New Apple MacBook Pro and experience bliss. Under the bonnet, you will find 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD for fast performance. The MacBook Pro comes with a 13-inch screen and Apple’s very own M1 chip.

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The M1 chip, as they say, is “Small Chip. Giant Leap“. This chip offers up to 2.8 times the CPU performance. The MacBook Pros features a Neural engine that offers 11 times faster machine learning. This MacBook has the word ‘Pro’ with its name for a reason. It has everything pro.

It offers a humongous battery life of around 20 hours. And this is something you don’t find commonly with Apple’s laptops. Talking about graphics performance, it’s better than ever. There’s an 8core GPU in the M1 chip from Apple. This GPU is the most advanced GPU Apple has ever built. So, you can expect up to 5X the graphics boost than other variants.

You can find the retina display in this MacBook Pro. This offers an immersive picture to the user. Also, True Tone technology makes sure to match the colour temperature. There’s enough innovation for a laptop of this generation.

The MacBook Pro features one of the best Facetime HD cameras. So, you can comfortably FaceTime with a clear HD image. Also, you’ll find an HD Three-mic array for the best performance. Not to mention the keyboard is literally magic. It has a unique scissor mechanism for a quick, soft, silent, and typing experience.

This laptop comes with the latest version of apple’s macOS release, i.e., macOS Big Sur. This version is good enough to unleash the power of apple’s M1 chip. Whether you’re a programmer, an average user, office worker, a student, or gamer, you can go for this MacBook Pro (assuming you have a big budget).

New Apple MacBook Pro Specifications

  • Processor: Apple’s M1Chip
  • Memory: 8GB RAM 
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Screen: 13-inch Retina Display with IPS technology
  • GPU: Apple’s 8 core GPU
New Apple MacBook Pro Review


  •  Battery Life: You get the best battery life of 20 hours. So, you won’t ever feel short of power.
  •  Display: You get a 13.3-inch Retina display with True colour technology. It is good enough to get lost.
  •  Performance: The M1 chip, 8 core GPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD take pretty good care of the performance.
  •  Storage: It has 256GB SSD, which expandable to up to huge 2TBs.
  •  Typing Experience: You get the magic keyboard with a scissor mechanism. It ensures a smooth, quick, silent, and immersive typing experience.
  •  Authentication: It has fingerprint authentication for lighting fast and secure transactions.
  •  Portable Nature:  The MacBook Pro weighs just 1.4 kgs and has a 13.3-inch size. So, it’s quite easy to carry. Also, the sleek design makes it very classy.
  •  Security: The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur ensure the best available security features to protect your data.
  •  Connectivity: It features Wi-FI6 that keeps the connection strong even after numerous connect with the device. Also, you’ll get Thunderbolt or USB 4 technology. You can transfer data at Godspeed, connect an external display, charge the device and connect more devices through this port. And MacBook Pro features two such ports.


  • Quite fragile and needs care.


Apple never fails to amaze us with its products. And the New Apple MacBook Pro with M1 chips is one fine example. 

The New Apple MacBook Pro features a great battery, performance, typing experience, display, sound, and security. All in all, it offers everything an average user expects.

The New Apple MacBook Pro is a feature-laden device suited for:

  • Programmers
  • Students
  • Office Workers
  • Average Level Gamers
  • PC users

If the budget is not a problem, the New Apple MacBook Pro can help you experience a new world. So, to enter a new world, check the price and get your New Apple MacBook Pro here.