MSI WT75 8SM-039UK (9S7-17A512-039) Review

There are high end gaming laptops than there are models such as the MSI WT75 8SM-039UK which take everything to the next level. This laptop may have a eye popping price but MSI has also made sure to pack it full of some of the best technology you will ever find in a consumer grade laptop. Below we are going to look at some of the benefits and downsides to this model and help you decide if it is really worth the high price tag that comes along with it.
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Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 32 GB of RAM
Storage: 1 TB SATA plus 256 GB SSD
Screen: 17.3 Inches
OS: Windows 10


– A laptop in this price range is obviously going to have some high end performance and it starts with the Intel Core i7 processor but what sets this model apart is the huge amount of memory that comes with it, 32 GB in total.
– Storage is well covered with a large 1 TB SATA hard drive along with a smaller but faster performing 256 GB SSD
– The large 17.3 inch display gives you a great visual experience that you won’t find on standard sized laptop models
– The NVIDIA Quadro P5200 graphics card puts most others to shame with its 16 GB of dedicated memory. In comparison most other gaming laptops come with 4-6 GB of dedicated memory on its graphics card
– This laptop is VR ready


– Even with all of the high end technology introduced in this laptop model there just isn’t an easy way to make a large 17.3 inch model mobile friendly. It weighs a very heavy 4.14 KG making it awkward to take on the go
– Along with its heavy design battery life is also less than impressive with only up to 5 hours possible on a single charge


Most gamers are going to be able to get by with a lesser priced model instead of shelling out the huge amount of money required for this MSI laptop but if you require nothing but the best it is sure to not disappoint.
Check out the latest price for the MSI WT75 8SM-039UK (9S7-17A512-039)