MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU Review

MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU is the latest, fastest, lightest (1.1 pounds) and smallest mini-desktop that is perfect for your office, commercial purposes, and home as well. The black sleek design with heavy meshwork on the case looks stylish. With the help of VESA mount features, you can also mount it at the back of the monitor. It occupies less space in this way. You can connect external devices through HDMI port, USB 3.1 Gen 1 port helps in the data transfer, VGA port to connect the monitor with PC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity as well. The processor is robust to decode the information within nanoseconds that makes it extremely efficient.


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Processor: Intel Gemini Lake Silver


Hard drive: 32GB SATA and 500GB

Operating System: Windows 10 pro

Graphics: Intel UHD 605


  • The fanless design of MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU is made from innovative technology to dissipate maximum heat without creating any noise. It is easy to maintain and reduces the risk of hardware damage.
  • It provides ultra-realistic video quality due to Intel Gemini Lake Processor which brings 4K visual aids. You can connect MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU simultaneously with two computers to view two webpages at one time.
  • 1600MHz memory speed makes it super-fast to store data for a longer duration. The dual-mode hard drive can store a plethora of data that makes it exceptional for commercial and official purposes.


  • However, MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU can be a bit challenging to work with certain specific monitors.
  • MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU does not contain any type of optical drive support to play CDs, DVDs, and Blue-rays discs.


MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU is one of the most versatile desktop PCs in-terms of its performance and reliability to use.


Check out the latest price for the MSI Cubi N 8GL-013XEU