MSI Cubi 5 10M-009BEU 936-B18311-009 Review

This barebone portable PC belongs to the same family as the other MSI Cubi PC we’ve earlier reviewed. The difference this time is that it offers a core i3 processor and a lower processor count (2). Its USB ports are less faster than the ones of the other two in the MSI Cubi family. It serves the same functions as the other two. It offers the multi-screen display function and is suitable for both home and office use.


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Processor Type: Intel Core i3 family

Processor speed: 2.3 GHz

Storage : 0GB

Memory : 0 GB

Warranty: 24 months


  • It is a palm-size PC that doesn’t need much space for setting up

It is attachable to the back of the monitor.

  • It can project multiple screens at the same time.
  • It weighs less than a kilogram and  is suitable for traveling or moving about.
  • Its is an upgradable PC
  • It offers all the necessary functions on regular desktop computers.
  • It supports an external power switch
  • It has a low noise level during operations.


  • Barebones are usually expensive to set up. This won’t be an exception.
  • The cost of setup would be high since it comes with no hardware.
  • It is difficult to find windows and Linux drivers for this PC.
  • It runs on a Core i3, which is lower than what the other MSI Cubi PCs run on.


This barebone is not a bad option if you set it up with great hardware. However, it’s better MSI Cubi counterparts would be a better pick any day, any time.


Check out the latest price for the MSI Cubi 5 10M-009BEU 936-B18311-009