Microsoft Surface Pro 7 VDV-00002 Review

This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of its kind with the new 10-nanometer processors, which makes it excellent for heavy workloads and versatile to use. Thanks to its 11 hours battery life, ultra-lightweight design, and easy-grip, it is an extreme tablet that brings all kinds of awesomeness.

It has an intuitive 12.3-inch Quad HD touchscreen and perfect for photo editing or film making. The 8GB RAM storage capacity allows it to do so much without breaking, as well as the design that makes it easy to set up, no matter where you are


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1.    Processor – Core i5-10354

2.    Screen size – 12.3”

3.    Screen resolution – 2736 x 1824

4.    RAM/storage – 8GB RAM and 128GB flash

5.    Battery life – 11 hours


1.    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is designed to adapt to whatever mood or situation you are in. it has the laptop mode, studio mode as well as tablet mode.

2.    It has the Next-gen capacity to fuel your ideas all at once. With its multitasking core processor, brilliant graphics, and battery life to die for, be sure that your inspiration will not die.

3.    It has several ways to connect with its USB-C and USB-A ports for connecting to display, stations as well as an accessory charger,

4.    It also has a brilliant resolution of 12.3 PixelSense display touchscreen with ambient light that adjusts to suit every lighting condition.


1.    The USB-C is a downside, it should nothing less than Thunderbolt

2.    The display bezels are also awful for a tablet-like this

3.    The design is still the same as always, there’s really no new transformation


This tablet isn’t a big leap from Microsoft Surface Pro 6, it is not a good upgrade. However, it can be excused because of its excellent performance and storage capacity.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 VDV-00002