Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWW-00003 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWW-00003 is a next-generation laptop with the adaptability of a studio and tablet. It is versatile in its use to type, touch, play, draw and work more comfortably. Its size is desirable for the users who travel, it slips in all kinds of bags very quickly. After the success of Microsoft Surface Pro 6, this launch has brought more attractive features with better competency.


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  Processor: Intel. 1GHz 8032

      Memory: 16 GB of RAM

      Storage: 256 GB

      Screen : 12.3 Inches


  • It is more than two times faster than its previous version surface Pro 6, with improved graphics and laptop class Intel core processor. It makes the work quicker and processes the information in the blink of an eye.
  • An ultra-slim standout design makes it very light, and it starts from 1.70 pounds only. This is an ideal device for the people who work in offices, and want to keep the laptop everywhere with them. No one gets tired of holding 1.70 pounds in his bag. 
  • It is provided with multi ways to connect, with both USB-A and USB-C for connecting docking stations, displays, and accessory charging as well. It is inevitable these days to stay away from the need of connecting multiple devices at the same time. Data transfer is made so easy through Microsoft Surface Pro 7.
  • It is equipped with a fast battery charging mechanism, and it gets charged about 80% over an hour.


  • There is only one thing that people complained about in Surface Pro 7’s comparison with Surface Pro 6. In several tests proved that Pro 6 has 2 hours longer battery life than Pro 7. This is only a matter of concern for the people who travel overseas and need a longer battery life than 8 hours.


  • Surface Pro 7 is incredible, yet improvement in its battery can take it to the level of perfectness.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWW-00003