Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWV-00003 Review

A lot of people are hesitant about switching to Windows 10 because they’re worried that it won’t be as good as the old version.

The problem is that Microsoft has made some questionable decisions in recent years, and some people have been turned off by this. They’ve also heard rumours that you can’t really do much with Windows 10 unless you buy expensive software from them. This makes a lot of sense when you think about how Apple’s exclusive ecosystem works, but it doesn’t seem very fair for someone who just wants to use their computer to get things done without paying extra money for everything.

The Surface Pro 7 answers all these problems at once. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD storage space (for saving files), and will run any program or game without lagging or crashing due to its quad-core processor.

You can even upgrade the RAM up to 16GB if you want to use it for demanding video or photo editing! You can also upgrade the storage space up to 1TB if you want, but 256 is enough for most people.

Plus, you get a full-size detachable keyboard included in the box! It charges over USB Type C, so it will work with any of your devices that have Type C ports on them.

And on top of all this, it doesn’t cost more than an Apple Macbook Pro…it costs less!

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  • Operating system: Windows 10 
  • Battery Life: 13.5 hours
  • Maximum Memory Supported: 8 GB
  • 128Gb SSD 
  • Screen Size: 12.3 inches
  • Touchscreen with Stylus Support 
  • Detachable type cover keyboard
  • USB Type C port
  • RAM: 8Gb


  • With the natural transformation from laptop to tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a great choice for any occasion. You can easily convert your device into an on-the-go mobile workstation that will suit your every need, whether it’s light interview research or heavy afternoon doldrums at home with Netflix streaming in high definition!
  • Versatility has never been so easy! With your new computer, you can do more than ever before. You could draw and write on the device or type with ease because it’s a precision-made tool for all of these tasks that will be just right in every way possible: from style to size and everything else we know.
  • Long-lasting battery life shouldn’t be ignored because it’s quite essential. Enjoy 11+ hours on a single charge with this phone! Plus, you can juice up in just an hour thanks to its fast charging technology that allows 80% capacity when fully depleted – perfect for all-day use without needing another charger handy at work or home.
  • The bold design is still an exciting part and cannot be overlooked because it’s quite catchy, while also being visually appealing.
  • A secured facial recognition procedure for maximum security.
  • With many different connections available on both sides of this device it’s easy enough that you’ll find something perfect no matter what type or size computer accessory suits your needs best! The USB-C and A combination allow for connecting the monitor as well as charging other items with this adaptor.

Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWV-00003


  • No optical drive could be found or spotted on Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWV-00003.


As a professional, you need to be able to work on the go. You need something that is just as powerful as your desktop or laptop computer, but also portable enough for you to take with you anywhere.

The problem is that most laptops are either too bulky and heavy or have batteries that don’t last long enough for extended use away from an outlet. Most tablets can’t handle the same workloads as a full-blown computer.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWV-00003 offers the best of both worlds by giving users the power of a PC in tablet form factor at 12 inches wide and only 0.33 inches thick (8 mm). It comes equipped with Windows 10 Professional software, which means it’s ready for everything from photo editing to video rendering right out of the box!

Its battery life lasts up to 11+ hours per charge so there’s no need to worry about finding an outlet while working on important projects!

What do you think? Would you choose the Surface Pro 7 over Apple’s Macbooks? Why or why not? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.