Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWV-00003 Review

Get the satisfaction you genuinely desire with a laptop that obviously could give you maximum comfort. Microsoft surface pro 7 takes you beyond the norms but instead into an enhanced modern life. Become an operator of an enhanced laptop that could grant you enormous excitement. The Surface Pro 7 gives you automatic and easy access to a contemporary world of multitasking on just one device with utmost ease and swift. Learn more about this brilliant device as you proceed. 


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· Operating system: Windows 10 

· Battery Life: 13.5 hours

· Maximum Memory Supported: 8 GB 

· Screen Size: 12.3 inches 

· RAM: 4


– The natural transformation from laptop to tablet quite suitable for varieties of occurrences. Enhanced conversion of the device from a notebook to tablet at the most appropriate moments to suit your utmost desire. 

-Versatility like never before, get engrossed into varieties of tasks you genuinely desire on your device, you could draw, type, and even write just within a short period. Maximum satisfaction could be derived with ease since you could achieve almost all computing tasks you desire. 

-Long-lasting battery life shouldn’t be ignored because it’s quite essential. Enjoy battery life for up to 11.5 hours long. Charging could also be done swiftly, charge up to 80 percent in just an hour.

– The fascinating design remains an exciting part and can’t be overlooked because it’s quite catchy and aesthetic. 

– A secured facial recognition procedure for maximum security.


– No optical drive could be found or spotted in this device. 


A brilliant laptop-class Intel core processor and improved graphics are quite an exciting feature that can’t be neglected. This device multitasking ability makes it favorable to all because it could serve a variety of purposes, which is a precise specification everyone needs. It’s fast charging potentials, and extended life battery capacity makes it an excellent choice for quite a good number of people.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 QWV-00003