Microsoft Surface Pro 6 KJT-00017 Review

Apart from the elegant new color scheme that is lovely to touch, there’s nothing different about the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 KJT-00017 design compared to the 2017 model. The tablet is only 0.33 inches thin and weighs just 1.7 pounds – again, it remains untouched by its predecessor. The Surface Pro 6 has the same ports and wireless options as last year edition, as well as as-not to mention the exact same Style Cover. Substantial increase in battery life and addition of quad-core processing.


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CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U, 4x 1.60GHz

RAM: 8GB LPDDR3-1866

Memory: 256GB SSD

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 (IGP), mini DisplayPort

Display: multi-touch, Digitizer, oleophobic coating

Connectors: 1x USB-A 3.0, 1x jack

Wireless: WLAN 802.11a/​b/​g/​n/​ac, Bluetooth 4.1


  • On a slightly more optimistic note, the display, while mostly unchanged, is slightly improved in one region. It now has a stronger contrast ratio of 1,500:1 compared to the previous 1,300:1 model.
  • This will benefit not only consumers but also content creators, with deeper blacks and more vibrant colors that make movies absolutely gorgeous and maybe make me feel better.
  • Boost in multi-core performance
  • Excellent new color option


  • Even the USB 3.0 included is behind the USB 3.1 curve, which is the standard in 2019 and boasts twice the data transfer speed of the former. This isn’t OK: it’s now costing consumers more cash to unlock the full versatility of a device that Microsoft insists can function as a single computer.
  • However, we are extremely disappointed that Microsoft has decided to renounce USB-C again, and that is not just because of the obvious benefits that the platform has to offer. Microsoft has been collecting faster data transfers and broader docking capabilities behind the proprietary Surface Connect port for a while now.


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 is quicker, has a longer battery life, and now comes in a sleek, new black case, but that’s all about it. It’s definitely better than last model. However, it’s not the generational change that many of us have been waiting for. If you already have a 2017 Surface Pro, this upgrade is not worth it. If you don’t, this is the best Windows tablet to buy right now.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 KJT-00017