Microsoft Surface LQL-00003 Review

The Microsoft Surface LQL-00003 is a laptop which speaks volumes of innovation, way beyond the conventional structure. It is a light and sleek laptop which operates and performs at top speed. It is a Laptop which can easily fit into your bag, without it being a burden.
This Laptop comes with the 8th Generation intel core processor which ensures that multitasking happens faster than usual.
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  • It has a maximum display resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels
  • The processor is Intel Core i5
  • The processor speed is 1600MHz
  • The Ram size is 8GB
  • Two speakers and two USB ports


  • The Microsoft Surface LQL-00003 has a way of complementing your style due to its sleek design, as it is available in three rich colour variants
  • It has the latest intel core processor to make you perform different tasks at a faster rate
  • This laptop, with its strong battery life, gives you the power to do whatever you want to do
  • The speakers are tactfully hidden underneath the keyboard, and they give a rich omnidirectional sound
  • Typing is very easy on the keyboard
  • Viewing your preferred movies and music is made easier
  • You have uncomplicated control, with the full HD+ touchscreen, which can also serve as an excellent movie screen which can be winded down

It is quite difficult to use an external software which is not manufactured by Microsoft
The lightweight design is one of the features which endears customers to purchase it. In addition to this, the battery life ensures that it can be used for a long while without having to constantly sit by your desk.
The Microsoft Surface LQL-00003 is affordable considering the mouth-watering features which it possesses.
Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface LQL-00003