Microsoft Surface Go MCZ-00002 Review

I know you came here to read about a laptop/notebook review considering what you’ve seen or heard about it but I would like to consider the Surface go as more of a tablet rather than the standard 2-in-1 laptop. Although I consider it a tablet, it’s actually a better alternative than doing your tasks in an android or ios tablet as these platforms are rather limiting in terms of the software they’re bundled with. The surface pro is basically a computer that makes up for it’s lacking in computing power for its versatility and portability.


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Processor: Intel Pentium Gold (Dual Core with 4 Virtual Cores) Memory: 8 gigabytes of RAM Storage: 128 NVMe SSD Screen: 10-inch Display Weight: 1.15 pounds (522 grams) Battery Runtime: 9.5 Hours (According to the manufacturer)


  • Its design is super convenient plus it has that premium touch to its design that makes it worth it to carry around on your trips to the coffee shop for some casual computing.
  • The screen quality is superb with its 10-inch IPS screen. If you’re the type of person who binges TV shows on Netflix, then this shouldn’t pose a problem for the Surface pro.
  • Although the specs don’t look so promising on paper, it actually gives you what you need in real-life scenarios as it gets the job done. It definitely hits the sweet spot between design and functionality.


  • ​Although it is advertised as a 2-in-1 laptop that you could use as a tablet, the keyboard cover is actually sold separately which would cost you around 99$ (​£75​) to 129$ (​£90​) on top of the $399 (​£​302.17) you bought it for. So it’s a bit of an investment to get the best out of the device.
  • It’s not that of a beast when it comes to computing power as it only packs a dual-core intel processor so you might not be able to do some super heavy workloads.


  • If you’re looking for a casual on the go 2-in-1 and would have no problems throwing in some extra cash to get the best out of the device, then you should probably consider the Microsoft Surface Go.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Go MCZ-00002