Microsoft Surface GO 2 STV-00002 Review

Microsoft’s new tablet, the Microsoft Surface GO 2 STV-00002, has now launched, and it’s more than we’ve ever expected. For this new update to the Surface series, there might be no big surprises, which is actually a positive thing, but it also tells us that the latest Windows tablets will be inexpensive. At first glance, the 1.15-pound (0.52 kg) Surface Go appears to be essentially the Surface Pro shortened by 2.3 inches on the diagonal, and that’s largely accurate – excellent. However, Microsoft has put some design effort into this version, opening it up to a larger audience especially students.


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Display: 10.5”PixelSense™

Processor: Core™ m3

Connectivity: 4G LTE

Weight: 0.52 kg

Memory: 4GB/8GB


  • The first thing you might sight of Surface Go is the very prominent rounding of the edges and angles that Microsoft has maximized. Trust me, gone are the sharp, angular edges of the Surface Pro instead of the rounder, softer edges that help to give this version of the Surface its own distinct identity.
  • The Microsoft Surface Go interface is stunning in everyday use. 
  • The display is extremely accurate in color, and the movies and photos look amazing.
  • The 3:2 aspect ratio is perfect for work and web surfing.
  • For people in fields that are light on hardware requirements and heavy on travel, this tool could be a go-to for you.  


  • Though, Microsoft’s display game is still at the top of the Surface Go. At 1,800 x 1,200 pixels, it’s not the sharpest 10-inch long shot tablet display, with the new iPad weighing in at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.
  • Still, no accessories included
  • Less powerful than an iPad
  • The screen could be sharper
  • Windows desktop mode feels cramped


Microsoft Surface GO 2 STV-00002 is a beautiful laptop that gives you an outstanding Windows 10 experience with a 10-inch screen.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface GO 2 STV-00002