Microsoft Surface Book 3 SLK-00004 Review

The SLK sits at the top of the Microsoft’s Surface Line as a flagship device and can double as a laptop and as a tablet. Therefore, it makes it an excellent device was designed for adept gamers that want performance, durability, ease of use associated with the high-end specifications it has.


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Memory: 32 GB RAM, 6GB Dedicated Graphics

Storage: 1 TB, 512 GB SSD

Processor: Intel Core i7

Processor Speed: 1.3 GHz

Display: 13.5 inches FULL HD, Touchscreen


  • The SLK boasts of a 512 GB SSD drive which allows the instant load performance, faster boot times and application loading times
  • The design of the SLK is top-notched, and like all surface laptops, the SLK has a detachable screen that has a lightweight and can function on its own. Therefore, it can act as a laptop and a tablet depending on what you desire. In the tablet form, the SLK is easy to carry with its screen size, it also comes with a Surface pen that allows dexterity in whatever you want to do.
  • The SLK comes with a 6Gb dedicated NVIDIA Graphics card and an advance cooling system which makes it perfect for running most high-end games


  • While the Storage device seems good due to its speed, it is not recommended for games that take high space, for example, GTA V
  • The design is good for people new into the world of the Surface Book. For previous users, the design didn’t change in terms of look and feel.


For new people looking into gaming, it is an ideal product, however, for people familiar with Surface Books, and are intrigued by better designs, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 SLK-00004  is better to get another brand with the same specs. Nevertheless, based on the specification it is excellent for high-performance operations


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface Book 3 SLK-00004