Michael Kors MKT5080 Review

The general performance here is good, as you would expect from a Snapdragon Wear 2100 watch. This chip has been custom-made for smartwatches, and the benefits have been evident in the smooth running of the LG Watch Style and the Asus ZenWatch 3. Wear OS has taken more load off your smartphone and put it on the watch, and Snapdragon Wear 2100 generally handles the added load well-especially when it comes to navigating around watch faces, reporting, and switching between menus.


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Strap type: Stainless steel

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Color of dial: LED

Movement: Digital

Clasp Type: Deployment clasp


  • Michael Kors MKT5080 is compatible with Android 4.3 phones, which is supposed to mean almost any Android phone in daily use today.
  • Being a Wear OS watch, it also fits with iPhones running iOS 9 or above — so again, this would be the vast majority of iPhones in use today.
  • If you’re one of those daily watch-fiddlers (you know who you are), you should be able to stretch the better part of two full days of use with Michael Kors MKT5080 until you need to charge.


  • As already reported, Michael Kors MKT5080 is not a fitness fanatical smart-watch. In reality, this isn’t just a smartwatch for fitness part-timers.
  • The usability of iOS is certainly more constrained than that of Android.
  • You’re not responding to WhatsApp messages from inside alerts here, though app support is actually quite spotty. The fact that the watch doesn’t play well with iMessages, in particular, is a big downside.


Michael Kors MKT5080 is one of the most polished, desirable-looking smartwatches on the market-needed to be priced at a higher than average price tag. It sure feels like you’re getting your money worth because of its sheer size and heft, while the spinning crown makes scrolling through applications and alerts a tactile pleasure. A wide and vibrant AMOLED display shows off watch faces and alerts as well as everything else, although this powerful base is complemented by good efficiency and battery life.


Check out the latest price for the Michael Kors MKT5080