LincPlus P1-UK 1315E Review


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LincPlus P1 is a stylish laptop computer of intense power. It is designed to deliver exceptional value for you looking to get more out of life. With reliable performance and fantastic graphics, you can enjoy leisure time and work in a good mood. Great portability: With firm and stylish metal housing but ultrathin and light, weighing less than 1.5kg, You can take it with you on a business trip or for a holiday conveniently. 


Processor: Intel Celeron Gemini Lake N4000 

Memory: 4GB DDR4 SDRAM

Storage: 64 eMMC

Screen:  13.3 inches

Dimensions: 31.7 x 21.5 x 1.7 cm


  • 1920×1080 full HD resolution display delivers an impressive high-quality image and an immersive visual experience adapted to your needs. With a powerful graphics processor, you can enjoy watching movies and browsing pictures in comfort. 1920×1080 resolution boasts fantastic high-quality images and brings excellent visual effects. Elegant, immersive, and adaptable to expand your visual experience. Terrific graphics processor allows you to watch movies and pictures with great enjoyment.
  • Tackle a diverse range of tasks and power-demanding programs easily with the Intel Gemini N4000 Processor (9th Generation), which delivers optimal performance and user experience. It will be no burden for multitasking and power demanding programs.
  • With an ergonomic design and large-sized keys, the keyboard of the LincPlus P1 is both durable and stylish. The QWERTY layout and UV coating contribute to efficient and satisfying typing. 
  • It’s the perfect blend of storage space and responsiveness with 4 GB Ram and 64 GB of internal storage expandable by TF card up to 128G and SSD up to 512GB. LincPlus Laptop offers a variety of storage options.


  • It doesn’t work with NVMe PCIe SSD for expanding storage.
  • It is quite expensive.


Simple, sleek yet powerful is the LincPlus P1. It comes in an innovative coupled with a 9th Generation processor that allows you to glide safely over daily tasks for both work and play. 


Check out the latest price for the LincPlus P1-UK 1315E