LG UltraGear 27GN88A-B.AEK Review

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This LG UltraGear monitor is one of the most potent gears for winning. It ensures you get on the wings of victory. LG UltraGear 27GN88A ergo is a 27-inch ergonomic gaming monitor that allows you to play comfortably in QHD. 

The UltraGear 27GN88A includes a multifunctional monitor arm, which you can adjust in various ways. Adjust, pivot, and tilt the monitor for a comfortable sitting or working posture. The refresh rate of 144Hz and the 1ms response time make this monitor ideal for shooters and racing games.

Thanks to the Display HDR1000 and quantum dot layer, the color representation is good, and your graphics come to life.

LG UltraGear 27GN88A Specifications

  • Screen size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 2560×1440 pixels
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Weight: 11.84 kg


  • 27GN88A supports a broad color spectrum, 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, expressing high-fidelity color for reproducing with HDR10, enabling realistic visual immersion. Regardless of the battlefield, gamers experience the sensation of being in the center of it.
  • An ultra-fast speed of 144Hz allows gamers to quickly see the next frame and make the image appear smoothly. The gamers can respond rapidly to opponents and aim at the target easily.
  • 27GN88A is an NVIDIA-tested and officially validated G-SYNC Compatible monitor, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing stutter for a smoother, faster gaming experience.
  • With FreeSync Premium technology, gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement in hi-resolution and fast-paced games. It virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering.
  • Enhance your gaming experience with an eye-catching design. The Ergonomic stand’s flexibility offers expanded ergonomic adjustment of extending, retract, swivel, pivot, height, and tilt and provides the screen’s ideal position to help you play the game more comfortably.


  • The LG 27GN880 doesn’t have integrated speakers to play music or game sounds.
  • The monitor is mounted to the back of the desk, making sure the desk isn’t placed against the wall.


This monitor is perfect for gaming and digital drawing. The monitor is easy to orient as a drawing bank with the stand. The panel also provides a beautiful image and can darken well with minimal IPS glow.

Check out the latest price for the LG UltraGear 27GN88A-B.AEK