LG Gram 17Z90N-V.AA55A1 Review

LG have put a lot of work into improving the 17Z90N from previous iterations and it’s not hard to see some of the results. Despite having a 17in display, the laptop weighs just under 3lbs and is very light to pick up. It also comes with an Intel core i7 1065G7 processor with 1TB of storage space looking to provide users with plenty of storage room.


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Processor: Intel Core i7- 1065G7 processor


Storage: 1TB

Display: 17in


  • The biggest achievement for LG is the fact that the 17Z90N is so lightweight with such a large screen. Most laptops that weigh under 3lbs have a screen that is 14in or less but LG have achieved this milestone on a laptop that has a 17in display.
  • With the 17in display a prominent feture, LG has made sure that it offers a crisp picture which is helped by the IPS display. It’s size also makes it easy to view from all angles and also comfortably work with more than one window open when necessary
  • LG have also improved the layout and size of the keyboard. A major drawback on previous models, the 17Z90N now features enlargened keys reducing the risk for typing errors and making it easier to use.


  • Despite the inclusion of the latest i7 processor, the lack of an nVidia graphics package hinders performance when it comes to gaming. The Iris Plus graphic package can handle some sinpler games well but it may struggle on some high-res games.
  • The 17Z90N comes in at the one of the pricier models in its’ range but lacks some features. For example, the lack of any touchscreen features is disappointing given their prominence in modern apps and should be really included at this end of the spectrum.


LG have put a lot into improving the latest edition of their Gram 17 series and it shows with the reworking of the keyboard and its’ lightweight nature. However, the lack of touchscreen features and average gaming performance still shows that there is a little way to go yet for the big brother of this series.


Check out the latest price for the LG Gram 17Z90N-V.AA55A1