LG Gram 15Z990-V.AR52A1 Review

The LG Gram 15990-V.AR52A1 is yet another good machine from the LG group. It is the ideal laptop for those that are looking for a portable and light laptop. Despite its light weight, it comes with a 15 inch screen that is big enough to get a good view. Below is more information on the laptop.


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Processor: Intel Core i7-8565U

Memory: 8GB RAM

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Screen: 15.6 inches



-The laptop comes with a great keyboard that is easy to use and respond fast when being used. It has a lighting system that provides light to the keys. This eliminates any typing mistakes when in darkness as the user can see all keys properly.

-The machine does not weigh a lot and does not take up too much space. This makes it extra portable and convenient to carry around.

-The 15-inch screen gives a great display output. This enables the user to have clearly visible content.

-It has a high-quality battery that can last for a long time before requiring the user to charge it. This adds to the convenience of the machine.

-The machine has been built to withstand harsh conditions and last for a longer period. It has been proven to be one of the most durable laptops in the market.


-Despite it being durable, some users have complained of many problems after using the machine for a while.

-The machine is quite costly as compared to other laptops in the market.

Verdict The LG Gram 15Z990-V.AR52A1 is a great laptop for those who want a machine that has high performance and is portable.  Apart from a few issues, the machine is has great usability. However, it cannot be said to be the best.


Check out the latest price for the LG Gram 15Z990-V.AR52A1