LG 65UM7100 Review

The LG 65UM7100 is a 65-inch smart TV with its own intelligent assistant. With an IPS panel, this model will not disappoint. This model has all the modern bells and whistles that one would expect at its price point, like webOS, the ability to stream high-quality content, and built-in Wi-Fi.

This television is capable of a lot of extra features like games and USB downloading.

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LG 65UM7100 Specifications

  • Screen size: 65-inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K)
  • Input: Content from webOS, x3 HDMI, Component with audio, Composite with audio
  • Output: Bluetooth, USB, Digital Audio Out
  • Speakers: 10W x2


With a beautiful 65-inch IPS panel, this television has some amazing video capabilities that include 4K playback. With a wide viewing angle and one of the highest resolutions that are available on the consumer market, this television is for people who want a high-quality picture. It has loads of extra features, including an intelligent assistant, lots of different inputs, decent speakers, lots of connectivity options for home theatre use, and its slim, modern appearance.


This is a premium television, and its biggest downside is going to be its premium price tag. 4K is not the most popular resolution of most movies and shows, but it is becoming more and more popular. Another downside is this television is not ideal for gaming. With a refresh rate of only 50 hz, serious video gamers will have more success with a dedicated monitor. If you want to enjoy 4K content but play video games casually or with your kids, this will more than suffice.

Its other major downside is that in order to take advantage of its smart assistant, you will need to purchase a separate premium remote.


The 65UM7100 is a great buy for the content enthusiast or someone who would like to purchase a future proof model, as 4K is still catching on.

Check out the latest price for the LG 65UM7100