LG 55UM7050PLC Review

This smart TV is designed for a rapidly expanding range of top-quality TV subscription services. There are all your services, from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and the BBC iPlayer. Fresh for 2020 is the highly awaited Apple TV Plus and Disney+ – bringing you a broader variety of premium (paid) Television subscription services than ever before. You can’t definitely go wrong with the LG 55UM05PLC smart TV. It is super excellent and delivers luxury to your home. The affordability of this smart TV is a plus, as this makes it easier to be purchased by the middle-class.


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HDMI 2.0: Yes

Screen Resolution: 4k_ultra_hd

Panel Frequency (Hz): 50Hz

Digital Audio Output: Yes-Optical

USB: 2

HDR Format: HDR10, HLG

Screen Size: 55

Motion Processing: TM100

LED Backlight LED – Direct


  • The heart of this LG is an efficient and reliable quad-core processor that provides the most UHD 4 K signals.
  • Reduced noise and increasing color contrast, the processor renders UHD 4 K even better. Thanks to LG’s 4 K Resolution Upscaler, even standard FHD signals can be upgraded to almost 4 K clarity and detail-giving your Blu-rays a new lease of life.
  • LG’s Active HDR analyses the image signal, frame-by-frame for optimal color, and contrast. This means beautiful clarity and comparison to every single scene – making it perfect for movies and games. The LG shall provide support for HDR10 and HLG. HDR10 is commonly used on Sony and Microsoft UHD game consoles. 


  • Weaker speakers compared to higher-end LG OLEDs
  • Remote has a few unnecessary buttons
  • The integration of Alexa is pretty poor. It takes a lot of work, including enabling both LG Alexa’s skills to get the functionality to work, and even then, it’s not great. If you’ve ever owned a Fire Stick and found Alexa’s ability to connect to an Echo and then launch applications, find programs through various networks, and all that nice stuff convenient for you, you can forget about it here.


This LG 55 inch TV provides 100% color accuracy, even from a 60-degree angle. It means that everyone in the room will be able to see an immersive image, with life-like realism. True color accuracy brings this realism to the next level, making it a clearer, darker, and more realistic hue.


Check out the latest price for the LG 55UM7050PLC