Lenovo V145 81MT0015UK Review

Lenovo V145 is a beautiful office laptop, which is designed to make your everyday life better. It makes your business more secure and keeps your data safer in professional-level encryption. It improves efficiency and productivity with its robust AMD processor and graphics. It is wrapped up in a clean, sharp, and professional-looking chassis. Its dual-drive storage provides the option of combining the hard disk drives with solid-state drives. It includes a gapless keyboard; this keyboard stops the dust build-up and improves the V 145’s life expectancy. When we look at this general discussion, this new laptop seems perfect for office use, but we must have a more in-depth look into it. If it’s an office laptop, then where will we play games and watch movies. Is it very limited in its use? Or its versatile and office use perfection is a plus in its specifications.


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  • Processor: AMD. A Series. 3.1 GHz 
  • Memory: 8GB of RAM
  • Storage: 512 GB SSD
  • Screen: 15.6 inches 


  • This is a gift for the IT department, as its fully compatible with all the needs that an IT department would need. Its productivity, reliability, and security are the real gems.
  • Multiple ports provide enough freedom in connectivity for the office job, and it is built with an impressive AMD performance.
  • Lenovo V145’s software (SW) trusted Platform Module (TPM) keeps the business data 100% safe, and its security system is robust and unreachable.
  • Eye strain is not an issue if you use this beautiful laptop because Anti Glare FHD keeps the eye strain away from the user.


  • Lenovo V145  is not built for gamers, if someone like playing games with doing office job or business work then it doesn’t suit him.
  • Its Battery life doesn’t cooperate if you play videos on it for a longer time.


  • Lenovo V145  is specially designed for office works and IT assistance, so to enjoy better results, it must be used for only this purpose only. 


Check out the latest price for the Lenovo V145 81MT0015UK