Lenovo V110 80TD005PUK Review

Lenovo V110 80TD005PUK is a typical, standard laptop that can be used for anything including research work, gaming, freelance work, etc. The PC has a very wide screen of 15.6” with a distinct processor, AMD A9 that has one of the fastest speeds (3.5 GHz). Even though this laptop operates on a Windows 10 OS, it can do quite a lot of stuff. Lenovo has been a reputable brand over the years and they haven’t seemed to disappoint with their inventions every time, this laptop is one of those best ones you will see around. Let’s see what the specs, features, benefits are and hear out our verdict having reviewed the laptop carefully.
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Processor: AMD A9
Processor speed: 3.5 GHz
Memory: 4 GB of RAM
Storage: 128 SSD
Screen: 15.6 inches

  • Top-security protocol to avoid privacy or data breach.
  • Screen is an antiglare glass that enhances perfect visibility without negative effects to the eye
  • Looks big but comfortable to carry around.
  • In general, the speed, visibility via 15.6” HD screen, built-in security all makes up an incredible laptop performance.
  • Perfect device for research work, exploring and even creating designs.


  • Judging by the capacity and other incredible features, its worth more than 4 GB of RAM as memory; hence, it will need an additional memory to supplement one which has been provided.
  • Battery life isn’t too great after all even with the kind of new features it has.

Certainly, anyone would love this laptop because it has almost everything a standard laptop should have. The memory could be quite disappointing but as soon as you get an additional memory, it becomes perfect for you. Lenovo V110 80TD005PUK is the laptop of your dreams, enjoy the experience!
Check out the latest price for the Lenovo V110 80TD005PUK