Lenovo Tab E7 ZA400059GB Review

This tablet for those users who are highly value conscious. it has advanced high viewing display and have an incredible battery life. This update is faster and conserve data as well as free up more space for the usage so there is no problem in the smooth usage of this tablet and also with an affordable rate.


Check out the latest price for the Lenovo Tab E7 ZA400059GB



Processor: MediaTek MT8167D Quad-Core Processor (1.30GHz)

Memory: 1GB LPDDR3

Storage: 8GB

Camera: 2MP rear, 0.3 MP Front camera.


  • This tablet is safe to go anywhere and give an efficient use for the tablet memory and storage. This tablet allows you to have a great experience in affordable price.
  • Everyone feel difficulties when it comes to the less storage devices. This tablet storage capacity goes twice the distance. The smaller app size give optimization to the apps and give more storage to enjoy the entertainment session.
  • This tablet is perfect for long trips, because it offers an incredible battery length and can keep your kids occupied throughout the way. Its weight is same like a smartphone so no worry for extra load. We can say that it is an ideal companion when you need to go somewhere.
  • The portable entertainment does not require to break the bank. This tab is for whole family as it can keep everyone entertained


Not for use to the heavy files and apps because it will make the system slow. The memory is good but not as good to keep all your data in it. The camera results are just fine in this era of the high-quality pictures and portraits.


Although we can see through he specifications of this product that a working person cannot handle a lot of data in this tab. But as we know there are other people in our home that can get advantage form this tab because of its affordable price anyone can buy it with all the remarkable features that is needed in a basic tablet.


Check out the latest price for the Lenovo Tab E7 ZA400059GB