Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB 81BJ003BUK Review

The dimensions of new laptops seem to go in waves. Not long ago the market was flooded with small, compact laptops and lately we have seen plenty of new models coming out with large 17.3 inch displays. As nice as a compact mobile friendly laptop is there are times where only a big screen will do and for times like that something similar to the Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB 81BJ003BUK might be the right choice. Below we will go over some of the benefits and downsides of this model and see just how well it stacks up.
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Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB of RAM
Storage: 1 TB SATA
Screen: 17.3 Inches
OS: Windows 10


– When it comes to processing power this laptop is just about as good as it gets with a powerful Intel Core i7 included
– 17.3 inch laptops, especially those with Intel Core i7 processors usually run quite expensive so the price tag on this is actually quite affordable compared to other options
– The large 1 TB SATA drive gives you plenty of storage space
– By including a GeForce MX150 graphics card it gives the laptop the ability to handle modern games as well on its large display
– Plenty of options for your external devices with 3 USB 3.0 ports available


– The processor might be powerful but memory is just average with 8 GB available
– The huge amount of storage is great but an SSD over a regular SATA drive would have helped give this laptop a nice boost in performance
– Not surprisingly this laptop is quite heavy at 2.8 KG making it big and bulky to take on the go


The Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB 81BJ003BUK isn’t well suited for life on the road due to its bulky design but it does provide above average performance with a screen size that delivers a great viewing experience.
Check out the latest price for the Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB 81BJ003BUK