iRobot Braava B390T Review


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Cleaner floors. Every day. All at the push of a button. Braava does the mopping. You make a living—the mopping robot for clean floors and fresh home, every day. Daily dust and dirt can make keeping up with cleaning your home feel like a never-ending task. Braava 390t is a rechargeable mopping robot that mops multiple rooms and large areas on its own. With Braava 390t, you can easily mop or sweep your floors: choose a wet cloth to mop everyday dirt and grime or a dry cloth to efficiently sweep up dust, dirt, hair, and allergens. Enjoy freshly mopped floors every day without the effort.


Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Weight: 1.8 kg

Dimensions: 24.4 x 21.6 x 7.9 cm

Suction power: N/A

Capacity: 0.27 liters


  • Clean bigger spaces thoroughly thanks to triple-pass mopping action. iAdapt 2.0 with Navigation Cube helps Braava keep track of where it’s been.
  • It is designed for all hard floor surfaces, including laminate, wood, tile, and stone.
  • It comes with four reusable microfiber cleaning cloths included – one dry sweeping cloth and one damp mopping cloth
  • The robotic mop features two cleaning modes; mop mode and sweep mode. You need to select the appropriate mode depending on your cleaning requirements. Once the required mode is set, the mop automatically navigates in the space assigned.
  • The robotic mop can cover spaces up to 92 sqm. A wet mode sweeps and mops floor using a damp cloth and a dry mode with dry cloth sweeps dust, hair, allergens, and dirt.
  • The Braava robotic mop features a 390t reservoir to fill water for mopping purposes. The large water reservoir ensures enough water is available for spraying and mopping large areas for thorough cleaning.


  • It is quite expensive
  • Its power consumption capacity is quite high.


Braava 390t helps you maintain gleaming hard floors every day, the easy way – dry- or damp-mopping any hard-floor surface with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths. 


Check out the latest price for the iRobot Braava B390T