Insta 360 One X TFIN- 01 Review

The Insta 360 one XTFIN- 01 Model is a qualitative brand that was founded in Shenzhen China together with other models. Its steady progress in the global market has plunged surprisingly. It has introduced several dynamic brands, the Insta 360 brand is durable and qualitative


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Processor; Intel Core i7

Memory; 8GB SD card

Storage; 130GB

Screen; 2 inches, LCD

Resolution; 1920 x 1080

Mode; HD, 1.3MP

Battery and Storage; 1250mAh and 0 degree to 40 degree


Its dimension is highly pronounced with a deposition of LCD

Stored in an environment of zero degree to 40 degree Celsius

Its rotatory action is about 360 degree action, which enchances its ability to capture.


The high quality picture resolute depreciates on transfer and projection on electronic and digital outlets

Its sophisticated nature has brought about tedium and expense of skill in operation

The internal storage RAM of 2G may not be totally sufficient to deliver an intense graphics and its SD card is not sufficient.

Its X camera on standing by produce a blur image


Its 360 degrees rotation has made it one of the best for selfies and photograhies

Most notably it has a slowing down motion forum in video making and motion photography.

The Insta model has now been installed with water proof sections that protects the gadgets

Its has a very lovely shutter timer that enhances photography, beyond average.

Its allows conditional reframing of lenses, for ease of upgrade

Fast Wifi providence which in turn presents a faster footage per second with the Insta brand.


Check out the latest price for the Insta 360 One X TFIN- 01