Huawei Band 4 Pro 55024986 Review

This fitness watch of Huawei band four pro red in color adds cool tech and attractive look to your day. It consists of a 45mm AMOLED screen that helps to make it accessible in navigating apps and other characteristics while keeping all the other things visible. This red Huawei band 4 Pro helps to track your heart rate and activity that helps to keep you in routine. The design is water-resistant that keeps everything in sequence. You can adjust to show the notifications from your smartphone that can keep you safe from looking at your mobile regularly. 


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  • Operating system: Proprietary
  • Compatibility:iOS 9.0, from android 4.4
  • Display Resolution: AMOLED
  • Display Size (mm): 45 mm
  • Dimensions: (H)1.1 x (W)1.9 x (D)4.5
  • Maximum Battery Life: 9 Days


  • It consists of a 45mm AMOLED touchscreen that provides easy access to navigation.
  • There is a built-in fitness tracker with GPS monitors for the activity performed and health.
  • There is a personal touch with a watch face that is customized.
  • It helps to track your daily activities
  • You can set it up to show notifications from your phone anytime that may help to save you from looking at your mobile every other second. 


  • You need to put a lot more money to get the Huawei Band 4 pro. 
  • The screen is very sensitive. It can’t be handled roughly. 

Final verdict: This red Huawei Band 4 Pro is a modern, unique fitness tracker that is well used for all the sports activities, this finely resolved AMOLED touchscreen is with bright colors that make it a useful watch than others with built-in GPS that makes it comfortable to use with all the other features of interest! The sensors help to monitor the body functions that make this fitness tracker watch versatile. 


Check out the latest price for the Huawei Band 4 Pro 55024986