HP Stream x360 11-aa002na Review

The 360 here stands for versatility. It is a laptop for staying online and doing all that matters most. You can stay ahead on your digital life and the versatility of the laptop gives you the option of working in different ways. It is targeted at people who need a PC for basic tasks.


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  • Specs

Processor: Intel Celeron N3060

Memory: 2GB RAM

Storage: 32GB eMMC

Screen: 11.6 inches Touchscreen

  • Benefits

Affordability is the main upside to this laptop. It is great for students who just need a PC to put their textbooks on, work on papers, surf the web and entertain themselves with movies. Limited to basic computing, it performs well enough.

– It is very pretty. It is made of plastic but comes in vibrant colors like blue or purple that make it stand out. It has a striking white keyboard that does not just look great against the rest of the laptop but also performs decently when typing.

– It has a touch screen which is amazing for the price and it is a very lightweight, perfect PC for shuffling between lecture venues and business meetings.

  • Downsides

With only 32GB of storage, just installing Windows 10 will take out a chunk of space. This is a major drawback as even with continuous disk cleanup, you might not get up to 5GB free. It, however, has a 1TB OneDrive storage option which can be easily activated with Office 365.

– With a Celeron processor and only 2Gb of RAM, it tends to lag easily and is definitely not for running anything but base-level programs.

  • Verdict

A laptop for only basic programs. It has a beautiful design and is easy to carry around. For its price, it does perform decently but storage might be an issue for many people.


Check out the latest price for the HP Stream x360 11-aa002na