HP Pavilion x360 14-cd1009na Review

There is always a debate when buying a new laptop if mobility or usability takes priority. With the all new HP Pavilion x360 14-cd1009na you don’t have to decide as it excels in both categories. With the slightly smaller 14 inch display along with the 360 degree hinge you can quickly convert this from a standard laptop to a mobile friendly tablet along with other very useful modes. Below we will investigate some of the key benefits and downsides to this latest HP model.


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Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Screen: 14 Inches

OS: Windows 10


  • The 360 degree display is a huge advantage as it gives you the perfect viewing angle no matter what you are doing. Quickly switch between laptop and tablet mode when on the move
  • Processing power in this model is quite good even though it doesn’t feature the high end Intel Core i7. The i5 which is included can still provide plenty of power for the average user
  • The fast SSD drive helps improve the performance due to its quick read and write times along with improving battery life due to its lower power consumption
  • Device is also pen-enabled allowing you to Write, draw and edit using any universal pen accessory


  • For those with huge storage requirements the 256 GB SSD drive may not offer the amount of space they require
  • Only comes with a basic integrated graphics card so playing high end games will be near impossible due to their high end video demands
  • This is so common now that it is barely worth mentioning but an optical drive is not included in this model so if you still use physical media you will need to purchase an external device


The HP Pavilion x360 14-cd1009na is a great model for those who need something with decent power but is also very mobile friendly. Also the HP Pavilion lineup has a long history of being reliable which will make users even more comfortable buying this model.


Check out the latest price for the HP Pavilion x360 14-cd1009na