HP 255 G7 8AC00ES Review

HP 255 G7 pays attention to what really matters. It has a decent memory at 4GB of RAM and a spare slot in case more is required. It is lightweight and durable, runs Windows 10 and was created for easy usability. It is a favorite among business users and here we decide if it should be yours too.

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  • Specs

Processor: AMD

Memory: 4GB RAM

Storage: 128 SSD

Screen: 15.6 inches Touchscreen

  • Benefits

AMD Ryzen processor is a powerful processor for this price range and gives you excellent results when using it for typical business and school needs.

– It sports a durable chassis that keeps the laptop not only protected but also gives it a very classy feel. It equally has a thin and light design that does not compromise on performance. Input is also made easier with an efficient touchscreen.

– It is a well-connected laptop and can carry most peripherals with an RJ-45 port and an HDMI port. It comes with HP wireless direct which is allows a wireless network connection of all your other wireless devices to your printer with no need for a router or access point.

  • Downsides

Battery life leaves much to be desired. With using the web or online streaming, you will have about 4 hours after charging.

– If you think you can use this for gaming, you better think again. It has a bare minimum graphics driver and will not be able to handle games or other high-power programs.

  • Verdict

With this, you get what you paid for. There are no issues with tasks like typing or browsing the internet. If you like watching movies, you will enjoy the sound quality. The PC comes with an SSD which makes it quite fast. It is a sturdy laptop in an affordable price bracket.

Check out the latest price for the HP 255 G7 8AC00ES