HP 250 G7 6MP21ES Review

The HP 250 G7 is pretty straightforward. Although it doesn’t boost some super special features, it pretty much gives you everything you ever need in a business-class laptop. This is also a relatively powerful laptop that could handle heavy workloads as it boasts an Intel i5 Quad Core processor.


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Processor: Intel Core i5-8265U 8th gen Memory: 8 gigabytes of RAM Storage: 512 NVMe SSD Screen: 15.6-inch Display Weight: 4.18 pounds (1.89 Kg) Battery Runtime: 7 hours


  • It’s a good budget laptop that’s simple yet powerful.
  • Even though it packs a power-hungry processor that runs at 15W, its battery life lasts longer than most laptops.
  • It has a classy finish to its design which is a great fit for the office environment.


  • ​The materials used aren’t as promising as it has an entirely plastic body that might look nice and sleek at first but is susceptible to scratches but if you take care of your things well then this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • It’s not super great in terms of entertainment as they used a TN panel instead of an IPS panel which means that you’d be stuck with bad viewing angles and poor contrast.


  • If you’re looking for something super straightforward and relatively budget-friendly laptop for office or school use then this could be your next laptop. On the other hand, if you’re more of a Netflix or a gaming person then there are others that outperform the HP 250 G7. The lack of an IPS display really hurt its overall performance and it is hard not to miss it. Even with an entry-level business laptop. Overall, it has a pretty good price to performance ratio and you can’t really ask for more (well, except for an IPS panel display). Priced at only $500 (​£​380)


Check out the latest price for the HP 250 G7 6MP21ES