HP 15s-fq0022na Review

Are you looking for an HP laptop to buy? We have one of the best models on the HP 15s-fq0022na. We are thrilled by the features of this laptop and these are the primary reason why it is on the list of top 10 laptop models.

So, what makes the HP 15s-fq0022na one of the best laptops out there?

First, the laptop has a Full High Definition (HD) display that makes the graphics clear enough.

Second, the generous 15.6-inch screen size is there to ensure that you have access to all the graphics and content displayed on the screen in one look.

The third and most important of the features is the speed that comes with the laptop. This is partly because of the RAM and mainly because of the processor.


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Processor: Intel Core i3

Processor Speed: 1.2 GHz

Memory: 8GB of RAM

Storage: 128 SSD

Thin and light design


  • The reliability that comes with the HP 15s-fq0022na ensures that you will have speedy access to all you want even in your busiest days. This is not leaving out the reliable flash-based storage and the Intel processor.
  • This laptop has one of the simplified design and finishing because of the micro-edge bezel design.
  • Speed is another name for this laptop. The use of the DDR4 RAM helps ensure that the laptop runs more efficiently and faster than traditional laptops. Also, it provides you with higher bandwidth needed for multitasking.


  • Does not have an optical drive
  • It only has one HDMI port
  • You may not like the 2 processor count


The HP 15s-fq0022na is one of the low-budget laptop models you can find out there. For people who are looking to enjoy some of the best features in a PC, the HP 15s-fq0022na is a good place to start that journey.


Check out the latest price for the HP 15s-fq0022na