Honor MagicWatch 2 55024994 Review

It’s a fitness-centric smartwatch that builds on its predecessor with some new exercise-racking features, as well as taking the design elements of the Huawei Watch GT 2 and putting them in a watch for a younger audience. The Honor Magic Watch 2 55024994   consists of the main body with removable straps, which is quite standard for a smartwatch. As mentioned, there are two size versions, 42 mm and 46 mm. The 46 mm version has a few size-related features, including a larger screen with higher resolution, a battery life that is said to be about twice as long as the original model, a long-range Bluetooth connection to your phone, and a built-in speaker and call microphone as well as a loudspeaker workout motivation.


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Display: 1.2 inches AMOLED color screen

Connection: Bluetooth

Variant: Two

Heart rate sensor: Available

Battery: Super long battery life


  • There are two crowns on the smartwatch: one displays lifestyle features when pressed, and the other summons the workout menu. They don’t stick out too far, so they don’t add too much to the size of the device on your wrist.
  • The back of the watch, which houses the charging pins and the heart rate sensor, is made of hard plastic that feels comfortable on the skin.


  • A major downside about this watch is that the watch body seem to get dirty pretty quickly – dust often mounted under the buckle, around the body, the lugs, and the crevice filled with fluff and dirt. You might find yourself cleaning the watch every day, and without regular cleaning, you can imagine the device becoming rather unhygienic quite quickly, especially for those who exercise and sweat a lot.

Verdict: The Honor Magic Watch 2 55024994 is a fantastic fitness buff device with a range of new and recurrent health features such as stress monitoring and pace-tracking exercises. However, as with other wearables from Honor and the parent company Huawei, their lifestyle tools are rather limited, so it may not suit someone who does not exercise much.


Check out the latest price for the Honor MagicWatch 2 55024994