Ferguson F50238T2 Review

Ferguson F50238T2 is perfectly designed to watch your favorite programs in HD with the fine-tuning and cinematic view. The standard, dynamic, mild, or user picture mode helps viewers to watch TV according to their choice. The contrast ratio of 4000:1 and 250 TYP cd/m2 brightness provides a sharp and laminating display of pictures on the screen. Now you can record digital TV and play multiple files on TV transferred from other devices. The 2.0 USB port enables the transfer of downloaded data from TV to the computer. You can connect external devices like game consoles and skybox with HDMI inputs to enjoy non-stoppable entertainment session.


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50 inches full HD wide-angle LED screen

Built-in Freeview T2 HD and digital Freeview channels

3 HDMI inputs

2.0 USB ports

100 analog or 400 digital channels


  • The full HD resolution power of 1920 x 1080 display more pixels and provide a high-definition picture quality. The color contrast ratio of 4000:1 gives a sharp and clear-cut picture quality by displaying a luminance between the darkest black and the brightest white color.
  • The VESA measurements of 400 x 400mm enable Ferguson F50238T2 to mount on the wall.
  • Ferguson F50238T2 has been categorized among energy efficiency class ‘’A’’ and it saves 45% of your electricity bills. During the fully operational conditions the average power consumption rate is 82-watt while during sleep/ standby/ suspended mode it consumes less than 0.5-watt power supply.
  • The stereo sound system NICAM/A2 provides a crisp clear sound with the sharp clarity of dialogues. However, the impedance rate of speakers is less than 8 ohms.


Ferguson F50238T2 does not contain a 5V antenna to boost the signals.


Ferguson F50238T2 is increasing its popularity level to stunning picture display on 50 inches LED screen with 1080p resolution power.


Check out the latest price for the Ferguson F50238T2