Ferguson F24230FT2S2 Review

Ferguson F24230FT2S2 is super slim, lightweight (4.2 kg), and has a contemporary design that matches your everyday needs. You can enjoy movies, games, plays, season, and news on 24 inches widescreen LED TV. The maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 focuses on all minute details and zoom in the pixels of pictures. Ferguson F24230FT2S2 is extremely power saver TV as it requires only 25-watt power during working conditions while 0.5-watt power is consumed when TV is on standby condition. It belongs to energy efficiency class ‘’A’’. 2 x 3w Nicam/A2 speakers produce crystal clear sound without resonation.


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24 inches full HD wideangle LED screen

Built-in DVD player

Built-in digital HD Freeview channel

12 V DC power adapter

Built-in satellite


  • You can watch your favorite TV shows without attaching any dish or antenna. The built-in satellite tuner captures the frequency of your desired channel in just a few minutes.
  • The USB port enables the transfer of videos and pictures from mobile or computer. It also enables the recording and transfer of digital channels. 
  • You can control the TV and DVD player with just one remote control.
  • Through HDMI input, the viewer can connect game consoles and multiple devices to play favorite games.
  • The dimensions of 200 x 100mm (M4 x 8) make it easy to mount on the wall as well.


  • AC switch is not available in Ferguson F24230FT2S2.
  • Scart connector is not available.
  • Coaxial RCA connector is not available to carry out the video or audio signals.
  • The DVD player is not supported with DIV X digital video format.


Ferguson F24230FT2S2 is a perfect partner for people going on camping, mobile vehicle tours, and spending some time in motor homes because it is easy to maintain and requires less power supply.


Check out the latest price for the Ferguson F24230FT2S2