Dell XPS 13 9W4KH Review

Dell has really targeted the growing market of users who want to be mobile but also have high end power with the XPS lineup of computers. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Dell XPS 13 9W4KH which has some great performance to go along with its compact and mobile friendly design. Below are some of its key benefits and downsides.
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Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB of RAM
Storage: 512 GB SSD
Screen: 13.3 Inches
OS: Windows 10

  • By going with the compact 13.3 inch display Dell has been able to bring the weight of this device down to just 1.23 KG making it very easy to pickup and take on the go for the day
  • Performance should be of no concern on this model as it has both a powerful Intel Core i7 processor along with plenty of memory at 16 GB
  • Storage space is plentiful at 512 GB but what makes this most impressive is the fact it is an SSD drive. SSD has much faster read and write times and gives a serious boost to the overall performance of the machine
  • Very attractive 4K Ultra HD screen gives you a great way to view videos, movies or TV


  • Once you start cramming a lot of high end hardware into a compact design the price really begins to increase. This laptop is far from budget friendly and will be out of reach for some consumers
  • Even though it has plenty of performance when it comes to processor and memory it does lack a high end graphics card so gaming is not really an option
  • Due to its slimmer design it is has limited USB ports and also does not include an optical drive

If you are a high end professional and spend plenty of time on the go if you can fit the price tag into your budget the Dell XPS 13 9W4KH offers a great overall experience that you should seriously consider.
Check out the latest price for the Dell XPS 13 9W4KH