Dell XPS 13 7390 2MMCM Review

Purchasing your first laptop is quite tricky. You may have gotten the laptop, but you wonder about what you need verse what you want. There are different versions of laptop in the marketplace that you can buy. Dell XPS 13 7370 2MMCM is one of the best laptops you can purchase. Don’t regret, this is the best place to be. We have a few recommendations for you. Included here are top features and benefits of Dell XPS 13 7370 2MMCM.


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CPU: Intel 10th Generation Comet Core i7-1070U

RAM: 16GB LPDDR3/ 2.6 GHz in dual-channel mode

GPU: Intel UHD graphics

Screen:12-Inch 4K UHD Touch-Screen

Storage: 512GB SSD

Weight: 2.8 Pounds + an Ac adapter weighing 0.5 Pounds

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 using Intel AX 1650, Bluetooth 5.0

Ports: 2 Thunderbolt 3, 1 USB-C, Analog Headset jack.


  • The trackpad on Dell XPS 13 7370 2MMCM gives users a metallic feel with slight friction in it. However, the keyboard is not quite as snappy as the one in the old models.
  • The laptop has 6-Core, i7-10710u chip which performs perfectly. It gives the laptop an upper hand over other 10th generation laptops which are thin and light.
  • Thinking of measuring the intensity 3-Dimensions modeling on Dell XPS 13 7370 2MMCM, it gives excellent results. The Duo-core of 6 and 7 gives up to 40 percent bounce as compared to the 10th generation core.
  • The handbrake performance encode utility enables the user to convert large files in less than 30 minutes.
  • The battery lifespan is commendable. Users can do both gaming and office work in more than 8 hours.


  • Don’t rely only on the cinebench for providing the performance score of the laptop. This is because it will not periodically show how long your CPU may heat up and slow down the performance.


The new Dell XPS 13 7370 2MMCM is ranked among the best laptops which allow users to perform their chores that they never imagined to do on a light and thin laptop.


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